package iostream-camlzip

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Module type
Class type
val decompress_in : Iostream.In_buf.t -> Iostream.In.t

decompress_in ic returns a new input stream that is the decompressed version of ic

val decompress_in_buf : ?buf_size:int -> ?buf:bytes -> Iostream.In_buf.t -> Iostream.In_buf.t

Like decompress_in but the output is buffered as well.

val compress_in : ?level:int -> Iostream.In_buf.t -> Iostream.In.t

compress_in ?level ic is a new input stream that is the compressed version of ic.

  • parameter level

    optional Zlib compression level

val compress_in_buf : ?buf_size:int -> ?buf:bytes -> ?level:int -> Iostream.In_buf.t -> Iostream.In_buf.t

Same as compress_in but returning a buffered input.

val compressed_out : ?buf_size:int -> ?buf:bytes -> ?level:int -> Iostream.Out.t -> Iostream.Out_buf.t

compressed_out oc takes a output stream oc, and returns a new output stream oc2. Writing some (normal) bytes to oc2 will write a compressed version of these bytes into oc (possibly after a flush).

val compressed_out_buf : ?buf_size:int -> ?buf:bytes -> ?level:int -> Iostream.Out_buf.t -> Iostream.Out_buf.t
val decompressed_out : ?buf_size:int -> ?buf:bytes -> Iostream.Out.t -> Iostream.Out_buf.t

decompressed_out oc is a new output stream oc2. Writing (compressed) bytes to oc2 will write their decompressed version into oc (possibly after a flush)

val decompressed_out_buf : ?buf_size:int -> ?buf:bytes -> Iostream.Out_buf.t -> Iostream.Out_buf.t

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