package irmin-graphql

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Module type
Class type
module Schema = Graphql_lwt.Schema
module type S = sig ... end

GraphQL server

module type CONFIG = sig ... end

GraphQL server config

module type CUSTOM_TYPE = sig ... end

Custom GraphQL schema type and argument type for type t.

module type CUSTOM_TYPES = sig ... end

GraphQL types for Irmin concepts (key, metadata, contents, hash and branch).

module Default_types (S : Irmin.Generic_key.S) : CUSTOM_TYPES with type path := S.path and type metadata := S.metadata and type contents := S.contents and type hash := S.hash and type branch := S.branch and type commit_key := S.commit_key and type contents_key := S.contents_key and type node_key := S.node_key

Default GraphQL types for the Irmin store S.

Create a GraphQL server with default GraphQL types for S.

Create a GraphQL server with custom GraphQL types.


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