package irmin

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  1. Value Types
Module type
Class type

Signature for hash values.

Signature for unique identifiers.

type t

The type for digest hashes.

val pp : t Fmt.t

pp is the user-facing pretty-printer for paths.

val of_string : string -> (t, [ `Msg of string ]) Result.result

of_string parses paths.

val digest : 'a Type.t -> 'a -> t

Compute a deterministic store key from a Cstruct.t value.

val has_kind : [> `SHA1 ] -> bool

The kind of generated hash.

val to_raw : t -> Cstruct.t

The raw hash value.

val of_raw : Cstruct.t -> t

Abstract a hash value.

val to_raw_int : t -> int
val digest_size : int

digest_size is the size of hash results, in bytes.

Value Types

val t : t Type.t

t is the value type for t.