package js_of_ocaml

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Module type
Class type
type error_t = error t
type t
val to_string : t -> string
val name : t -> string
val message : t -> string
val stack : t -> string option
val raise_ : t -> 'a
val attach_js_backtrace : exn -> force:bool -> exn

Attach a JavasScript error to an OCaml exception. if force = false and a JavasScript error is already attached, it will do nothing. This function is useful to store and retrieve information about JavaScript stack traces.

Attaching JavasScript errors will happen automatically when compiling with --enable with-js-error.

val of_exn : exn -> t option

Extract a JavaScript error attached to an OCaml exception, if any. This is useful to inspect an eventual stack strace, especially when sourcemap is enabled.

exception Exn of t

The Error exception wrap javascript exceptions when caught by OCaml code. In case the javascript exception is not an instance of javascript Error, it will be serialized and wrapped into a Failure exception.

val of_error : error_t -> t
val to_error : t -> error_t

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