package ldp

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Logging of the library.

val src : Logs.src
val err : 'a Logs.log
val warn : 'a Logs.log
val info : 'a Logs.log
val debug : 'a Logs.log
val err_lwt : 'a Logs_lwt.log
val warn_lwt : 'a Logs_lwt.log
val info_lwt : 'a Logs_lwt.log
val debug_lwt : 'a Logs_lwt.log
val level_of_string : string -> Logs.level

Raises Failure if string does not correspond to a valid level.

val string_of_level : Logs.level -> string
val level_wrapper : Logs.level option Ocf.wrapper
val log_level : Logs.level option Ocf.conf_option