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A collection of reusable components from Mint Tea


Dune Dependency







  • Add support for custom events – any Riot message sent to a Mint Tea app will become an Event.Custom msg event, which enables sending data into TUIs from other processes.

  • Add key type for key down events – this means we now get better discoverability of what key down events we can match on, and its easier to keep examples working

  • Capture more key events: arrows (left,down,up,right), backspace, space, enter, escape.

  • Move initial_state to the application start invocation – you can now run your app with multiple initial states, which makes it ideal for starting apps in the middle of other flows, or to test specific scenarios.

  • Fix bug where TTY was not restored from RAW mode during normal shutdown.

  • Now the Event.Frame time event includes the frame time, and all examples are updated to work with it.

  • Add new Hide_cursor and Show_cursor commands, and always restore the cursor to visible on exit

  • New Leaves.Fps to specify a frame rate and cap updates at that rate (Thanks to @sabine)

  • New Leaves.Sprite module to create frame-based animations that are ticked at a specific frame-rate (Thanks to @sabine)

  • New Leaves.Spinner contains several spinners ready to be used in applications (Thanks to @sabine)

  • New Leaves.Text_input field ready to be used in applications (Thanks to @lessp_)

  • New Leaves.Cursor that can be used to highlight where the cursor is in a given text (Thanks to @nguermond)

  • Reworked Leaves.Progress to support plain and gradient progress bars with customizable empty/full/trail characters, and to fit right into the make/update/view pattern.

  • Implemented support for gradients between two RGB colors

  • New Spinners example showcasing several spinners (Thanks to @sabine)

  • New Emojis game example showcasing a tilemap and moving a player around

  • New Basic example for the README tutorial

  • New Progress bars examples showcasing plain, gradient, and emoji progress bars

  • New Text input field example (Thanks to @lessp_)

  • Updated other examples to use the new progress bars

  • New tutorial starting from zero and building a small shopping list app (Thanks to @metame)


Initial release for the 3 packages.

  • Let people create TUI apps using The-Elm-Architecture

  • Introduce basic events for KeyDown, Frame, and Timers

  • Introduce basic commands for setting timers, entering/exiting the AltScreen, exiting, and sequencing commands

  • Add views example showcasing an application with multiples sections

  • Add altscreen-toggle example to showcase the AltScreen

  • Add fullscreen example with a timer

  • Add stopwatch example

  • Add fps counter example

  • Introduce color and style

  • Support basic styles (bold, italic, underscore, etc) and layouting (padding)

  • Add a Checkbox leaf

  • Add a Progress bar leaf


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