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endian.lem defines a type for describing the endianness of an ELF file, * and functions and other operations over that type.

type endianness =
  1. | Big
  2. | Little

Type endianness describes the endianness of an ELF file. This is deduced from * the first few bytes (magic number, etc.) of the ELF header.

val default_endianness : endianness

default_endianness is a default endianness to use when reading in the ELF header * before we have deduced from its entries what the rest of the file is encoded * with.

val string_of_endianness : endianness -> string

string_of_endianness e produces a string representation of the endianness value * e.

val instance_Show_Show_Endianness_endianness_dict : endianness Show.show_class