package linol

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A wrapper to more easily reply to notifications

val mutable uri : Lsp.Types.DocumentUri.t option
method set_uri : Lsp.Types.DocumentUri.t -> unit
method get_uri : Lsp.Types.DocumentUri.t option
method send_log_msg : type_:Lsp__Types.MessageType.t -> string -> unit IO.t

Send a log message to the editor

method send_diagnostic : Diagnostic.t list -> unit IO.t

Send diagnostics for the current document

method telemetry : Lsp__.Import.Json.t -> unit IO.t
method cancel_request : Jsonrpc.Id.t -> unit IO.t
method work_done_progress_begin : Lsp.Types.WorkDoneProgressBegin.t -> unit IO.t
method work_done_progress_report : Lsp.Types.WorkDoneProgressReport.t -> unit IO.t
method work_done_progress_end : Lsp.Types.WorkDoneProgressEnd.t -> unit IO.t
method send_notification : Lsp.Server_notification.t -> unit IO.t

Send a notification from the server to the client (general purpose method)

method send_request : 'from_server. 'from_server Lsp.Server_request.t -> (('from_server, Jsonrpc.Response.Error.t) Stdlib.result -> unit IO.t) -> Req_id.t IO.t

Send a request from the server to the client (general purpose method)