package lwt-dllist

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Mutable doubly-linked list with Lwt iterators


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lwt-dllist - Mutable doubly-linked list

An Lwt_dllist is an object holding a list of elements which support the following operations:

  • adding an element to the left or the right in time and space O(1)

  • taking an element from the left or the right in time and space O(1)

  • removing a previously added element from a sequence in time and space O(1)

  • removing an element while the sequence is being traversed.


This module was formerly part of the Lwt core distribution as the Lwt_sequence module, but has been pulled out into a separate library since it is really just an implementation detail of Lwt.

You can migrate existing uses of Lwt_sequence into Lwt_dllist by simply renaming the module. The implementation of the module remains unchanged, but the name reflects the fact that the implementation is a doubly-linked list.

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