package metrics

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Module type
Class type
type t = graph

The type for graphs.

val title : t -> string option

title t is t's title.

val ylabel : t -> string option

title t is t's Y label.

val yunit : t -> string option

unit t is t's Y unit.

val id : t -> int

id t is t's unit.

val v : ?title:string -> ?ylabel:string -> ?yunit:string -> unit -> t

v () is a new graph.

val list : unit -> t list

list () is the list of graphs.

val fields : t -> (Src.t * field) list

fields t is the list of t's fields. Field names are unique for a given source.

val add_field : t -> Src.t -> field -> unit

add_field t src f adds the field f, generated by the source src, to the graph t.

val remove_field : t -> Src.t -> string -> unit

remove_field t src f removes the field named f, generated from the source src, out of the graph t.

val enable : t -> unit
val disable : t -> unit
val is_active : t -> bool

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