package noise

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The CipherState as defined in v34 5.1. It is represented a bit differently, since the n and k values only make sense for the case when a key is configured and not depleted.

type t
val equal : t -> t -> Ppx_deriving_runtime.bool
val empty : t

No key is set.

val create : ?unsafe_nonce:int64 -> Private_key.t -> t

Set a key. This sets a nonce to 0L. unsafe_nonce is only used for testing.

val depleted : t

When a key has been used too many times, we arrive at this state, which signals an error when trying to encrypt or decrypt.

val with_ : t -> (key:Private_key.t -> nonce:int64 -> 'a -> ('a, string) result) -> 'a -> (t * 'a, string) result

Pass the unwrapped state to a continuation.

  • if the state is empty, return the state and 'a parameter, both unchanged. (if there is no key, encryption/decryption return the plaintext)
  • if a key is set, call the continuation with the key and nonce, and return the same state with the nonce incremented (or depleted), and the result of the continuation.
  • if the state is depleted, return an error.
val has_key : t -> bool

Is it possible to use this to encrypt or decrypt?