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Bus name resolving

This module implements bus name resolving and monitoring.

  • for a unique connection name, it means being notified when the peer owning this name exits
  • for a well-known name such as "org.domain.Serivce" it means knowing at each time who is the current owner and being notified when the service owner changes (i.e. the process implementing the service change).

It is basically an abstraction for OBus_bus.get_owner and OBus_bus.name_owner_changed. You should prefer using it instead of implementing your own name monitoring because resolver are shared and obus internally uses them, so this avoids extra messages.

Note that with a peer-to-peer connection, resolver will always act as if there is no owner.

make ?switch bus name creates a resolver which will monitor the name name on bus. It returns a signal holding the current owner of the name. It holds "" when there is no owner.