package ocaml-base-compiler

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val symbol_for_global' : Ident.t -> Symbol.t

Compute the symbol for the given identifier.

val really_import_approx : Simple_value_approx.t -> Simple_value_approx.t

If the given approximation is that of a symbol (Value_symbol) or an external (Value_extern), attempt to find a more informative approximation from a previously-written compilation artifact. In the native code backend, for example, this might consult a .cmx file.

val import_symbol : Symbol.t -> Simple_value_approx.t
val closure_symbol : Closure_id.t -> Symbol.t
val size_int : int

The natural size of an integer on the target architecture (cf. Arch.size_int in the native code backend).

val big_endian : bool

true iff the target architecture is big endian.

val max_sensible_number_of_arguments : int

The maximum number of arguments that is reasonable for a function to have. This should be fewer than the threshold that causes non-self tail call optimization to be inhibited (in particular, if it would entail passing arguments on the stack; see Selectgen).


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