package ocamlbuild-pkg

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Module type
Class type
type file
type dir
val file : ?check:[ `Check | `Optional ] -> ?target:string -> Ocamlbuild_plugin.Pathname.t -> file

file ?check ?target filename represents a file filename to be installed. ?check ask whenever you want ocamlbuild-pkg to check if the file exists before adding it to the .install file or if you just want it to be optional. ?target ask you if you want the file to be renamed at installation

val dir : dir:string -> file list -> dir

dir ~dir files reprensents a list of file to be installed in a given directory. To see the directory accepted, see the opam documentation

val dispatcher : Ocamlbuild_plugin.Pathname.t -> dir list -> Ocamlbuild_plugin.hook -> unit

dispatcher install dirs hook creates a rule that create an install file (usually suffixed by .install) with dirs as content.


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