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Console browser for the documentation of installed OCaml libraries


Dune Dependency






  • Support for OCaml 5.2


  • Support for OCaml 5.1

  • Explicitely drop support for OCaml < 4.08


  • Fixed to lookup of files, working around latest dune quirks

  • Handle /workspace_root virtual path in source locations

  • Fixed ocp-grep (handle implicit opens, multi-line strings bugs)


  • Support for OCaml 4.14

  • Fixed matching of escapes in strings with ocp-grep


  • Fixed a regression in 1.3.0 that prevented detection of hidden dune object files


  • Support for OCaml 4.13


  • Support for getting opened modules from .merlin files

  • Fix to handle .mly file headers

  • Fixed the order in which open from flags and context are applied (context first)

  • Don't scan directories starting with _ or . (except for the opam prefix and build directory of course)

  • Emacs: jump-to-definition now opens in the same window

  • Scrap dune files to guess the containing library and infer module name translations and opens

  • Handle the @canonical odoc annotation used in module aliases


  • Support for OCaml 4.12

  • Switched CI from Travis to Github Actions

  • Use the newer opam var instead of opam config var


  • Support for OCaml 4.11

  • Support for separate location of cmt / cmti files when building with dune

  • Use cppo instead of ocp-pp

  • Rename module Trie for compat


  • Support for OCaml 4.10

  • Support for Zed 2.0

  • Add a help hint in ocp-browser


  • Support for OCaml 4.08

  • Fix issue with latest dune that led to silently compiling dummy binaries


  • Fix lazy loading regression in 1.1.7


  • Support for OCaml 4.07

  • Drop support for OCaml < 4.02

  • Emacs mode: fix a few issues (capitalisation of filenames)

  • ocp-browser: sort output, add hints and show doc by default, skip Foo__bar when Foo exists


  • Fixed escaping issue in tuareg doc mode

  • Emacs mode: support eldoc

  • Vim mode: add info printing on 'K'

  • Split ocp-browser into a separate opam package

  • Move build system to jbuilder and reorganise source tree


  • Use preprocessing for compatibility with multiple OCaml versions

  • Add compatibility with OCaml 4.03, 4.04

  • Improve support for completion in Emacs using company-mode


  • emacs: more interactive ocp-grep call (C-c /) ; better printing of type/doc

  • use cmt_builddir information to more reliably point to the sources

  • improved and extended format-strings and formatting options

  • Some basic handling of distributive {Mod.x; y}


  • some small elisp improvements

  • add '%e' format string for enclosing type definition (useful to get "other variants", "other fields"). Repeat C-c C-t in emacs mode to use.

  • compatible with new 4.02.3 doc attached to the parse-tree (4.02 branch)


  • much improved vim script

  • better output formatting

  • give location of full modules (previously, only values within the module had location). Useful for in-editor file jumping

  • sort results by location (to get the same source idents in mli order, rather than somewhat but not really alphabetical order)

  • allow escapes in --format

  • ocp-browser: add global toggle with Alt-a

  • fixed some cases of recursive lookup within the same file


  • fixed comment association for modules and one-per-line values

  • better errors on cmi/cmt from incompatible compiler versions

  • fixed version reporting


  • completely rewritten ocp-browser by Gabriel Radanne

  • supports OCaml 4.02 (with git branching)

  • respect file loading order, which avoids some lookup loop bugs

  • fixed and disabled type qualification by default

  • fixed handling of functors

  • get implementation positions through module aliases


  • improved emacs mode, now supporting both auto-comlete and company

  • fixed return value of ocp-grep

  • added '--format' to the complete command

  • fixed some case of laziness that could fail with some nested module aliases

  • better man-page


  • much more expressive command-line option "print" to access more known info

  • cleaner command-line include options

  • ocp-grep can now search in program strings (with -s "string" or -e "regex")

  • ocp-grep: display relative paths

  • more reliable printing of ident paths before/after opens

  • better project root lookup

  • emacs: more reliable process call

  • emacs: added C-c /, find-uses-of-indent-under-point

  • emacs: completion mode without auto-complete (contribution by Nicolas Ojeda Bar)

  • emacs: show bubble on completed ident for quicker doc access


  • add the ocp-grep tool, looking for uses of a given fully-qualified identifier in a source tree

  • better vim mode contributed by Anyakichi

  • fixed default lookup path

  • emacs: better definition of keybindings, cleaner loading, workaround auto-complete bug

  • refactored build system, installing through opam-installer and register as ocamlfind sub-modules

  • emacs: replace C-c t by C-c C-t to follow emacs minor-mode guidelines

  • emacs: better handling of process environment to work properly with OPAM on OSX


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