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The opam-bin tool is a simple framework to use `opam` with binary packages


Dune Dependency





v1.1.0 (2021-07-15 )

  • Improvements on --enable-share

  • Remove link to

  • Add opam-bin clean unused to remove unused shared files

v1.0.0 ( 2020-10-28 )

  • Variable OPAM_BIN_EXCLUDE and config option exclude_dirs to list files to skip while computing checksums

v0.9.5 ( 2020-09-14 )

  • Fix a bug preventing creation of binary packages when sharing is disabled

  • Add command 'opam-bin info' with a summary of opam-bin actions

v0.9.4 ( 2020-08-31 )

  • Use drom to manage the project

    • configure sphinx-target field to target docs/ directly

    • configure .github/workflows to skip Windows for missing deps

  • Add sharing of files between switches:

    • Add opam bin config --enable-share to activate sharing during install

    • Add opam share FILES and opam share -r DIR to share a specific set of files

v0.9.3 ( 2020-08-05 )

  • Initial version


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