package opam-client

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Functions handling the "opam repository" subcommand

val list : 'a OpamStateTypes.repos_state -> global:bool -> switches:OpamTypes.switch list -> short:bool -> unit

List the selected repositories in the global default and/or selected switches.

val list_all : 'a OpamStateTypes.repos_state -> short:bool -> unit

Lists all configured repositories, and, if not short, the switches they are selected in.

Add a new repository to ~/.opam/repos, without updating any selections

Remove a repository from ~/.opam/repos, without updating any selections

Updates the global switch selection, used as default for switches that don't specify their selections (e.g. newly created switches)

val update_selection : 'a OpamStateTypes.global_state -> global:bool -> switches:OpamTypes.switch list -> (OpamTypes.repository_name list -> OpamTypes.repository_name list) -> 'a OpamStateTypes.global_state

Updates the specified selections using the given functions, taking locks as required

Update the given repositories, as per OpamUpdate.repositories, checks for their version and runs the upgrade script locally if they are for an earlier opam. Returns list of repositories that failed and the new repository state.