package opam-file-format

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opam format lexer

exception Error of string

Raised on any lexing error with a description of the fault. Note that Failure "lexing: empty token" is never raised by the lexer.

val token : Lexing.lexbuf -> OpamBaseParser.token
module FullPos : sig ... end

OpamLexer transitional module with full position types

val relop : string -> OpamParserTypes.relop
  • deprecated Use OpamLexer.FullPos.relop instead.
val logop : string -> OpamParserTypes.logop
  • deprecated Use OpamLexer.FullPos.logop instead.
val pfxop : string -> OpamParserTypes.pfxop
  • deprecated Use OpamLexer.FullPos.pfxop instead.
val env_update_op : string -> OpamParserTypes.env_update_op
  • deprecated Use OpamLexer.FullPos.env_update_op instead.

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