package opam-solver

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Entry point to the solver, conversion of opam package universes to Cudf, dependencies computation. Front-end to Dose.

type solution
val empty_universe : OpamTypes.universe


val string_of_request : OpamTypes.atom OpamTypes.request -> string

Convert a request to a string

val stats : solution -> OpamTypes.stats

Compute statistics about a solution

val new_packages : solution -> OpamTypes.package_set

Return the new packages in the solution

val all_packages : solution -> OpamTypes.package_set

Return all packages appearing in the solution

val string_of_stats : OpamTypes.stats -> string

Pretty-printing of statistics

val solution_is_empty : solution -> bool

Is the solution empty?

val print_solution : messages:(OpamTypes.package -> string list) -> append:(OpamTypes.package -> string) -> requested:OpamTypes.name_set -> reinstall:OpamTypes.package_set -> solution -> unit

Display a solution

val solution_to_json : solution OpamJson.encoder

Serialize a solution

val solution_of_json : solution OpamJson.decoder

Computes an opam->cudf version map from a set of package

val load_cudf_universe : OpamTypes.universe -> ?version_map:int OpamTypes.package_map -> ?add_invariant:bool -> OpamTypes.package_set -> ?depopts:bool -> build:bool -> post:bool -> unit -> Cudf.universe

Creates a CUDF universe from an OPAM universe, including the given packages. Evaluation of the first 4 arguments is staged. Warning: when depopts is true, the optional dependencies may become strong dependencies.

Use add_invariant if you expect to call the solver and need the switch invariants to be respected; remember in that case to call Cudf.remove_package universe OpamCudf.opam_invariant_package before exporting the results

val request : ?criteria:OpamTypes.solver_criteria -> ?install:OpamTypes.atom list -> ?upgrade:OpamTypes.atom list -> ?remove:OpamTypes.atom list -> unit -> OpamTypes.atom OpamTypes.request

Build a request

Given a description of packages, return a solution preserving the consistency of the initial description.

val get_atomic_action_graph : solution -> ActionGraph.t

Returns the graph of atomic actions (rm, inst) from a solution

Keep only the packages that are installable.

Like installable, but within a subset and potentially much faster

val dependencies : depopts:bool -> build:bool -> post:bool -> installed:bool -> ?unavailable:bool -> OpamTypes.universe -> OpamTypes.package_set -> OpamTypes.package_set

Return the transitive dependency closures of a collection of packages.

val reverse_dependencies : depopts:bool -> build:bool -> post:bool -> installed:bool -> ?unavailable:bool -> OpamTypes.universe -> OpamTypes.package_set -> OpamTypes.package_set

Same as dependencies but for reverse dependencies

val dependency_sort : depopts:bool -> build:bool -> post:bool -> OpamTypes.universe -> OpamTypes.package_set -> OpamTypes.package list

Sorts the given package set in topological order (as much as possible, beware of cycles in particular if post is true)

module PkgGraph : Graph.Sig.I with type V.t = OpamPackage.t
val dependency_graph : depopts:bool -> build:bool -> post:bool -> installed:bool -> ?unavailable:bool -> OpamTypes.universe -> PkgGraph.t
val check_for_conflicts : OpamTypes.universe -> OpamCudf.conflict option

Check the current set of installed packages in a universe for inconsistencies

val coinstallability_check : OpamTypes.universe -> OpamTypes.package_set -> OpamCudf.conflict option

Checks the given package set for complete installability ; returns None if they can all be installed together

val atom_coinstallability_check : OpamTypes.universe -> OpamTypes.atom list -> bool

Checks if the given atoms can be honored at the same time in the given universe

coinstallable_subset univ set packages returns the subset of packages which are individually co-installable with set, i.e. that can be installed if set while set remains installed. This returns the empty set if set is already not coinstallable.

val dump_universe : OpamTypes.universe -> Stdlib.out_channel -> unit

Dumps a cudf file containing all available packages in the given universe, plus version bindings (as '#v2v' comments) for the other ones.

val filter_solution : (OpamTypes.package -> bool) -> solution -> solution

Filters actions in a solution. Dependents of a removed actions are removed to keep consistency


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