package opam-state

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Specific query and handling of pinned packages

Returns the version the package is pinned to.

Returns the package with the pinned-to version from a pinned package name.

Returns the package with the pinned-to version from a package name, if pinned

The set of all pinned packages with their pinning versions

val find_opam_file_in_source : ?locked:bool -> -> OpamTypes.dirname -> OpamFile.OPAM.t OpamFile.t option

Looks up an 'opam' file for the given named package in a source directory. if locked is true, look for a locked file.

val files_in_source : ?recurse:bool -> ?subpath:string -> OpamTypes.dirname -> ( option * OpamFile.OPAM.t OpamFile.t * string option) list

Finds all package definition files in a given source dir opam, pkgname.opam/opam, etc. This is affected by OpamStateConfig.(!r.locked)

val name_of_opam_filename : OpamTypes.dirname -> OpamTypes.filename -> option

From an opam file location, sitting below the given project directory, find the corresponding package name if specified (<name>.opam or <name>.opam/opam). This function doesn't check the project directory name itself, or the package name that might be specified within the file.

Finds back the location of the opam file this package definition was loaded from


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