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QubesOS firewall ruleset handling library


Dune Dependency






An Angstrom-based parser for the FreeBSD pf firewall configuration format.

implementation status

Ticked below are the lines that are (at least partially) implemented.

  • [x] macro definitions (NB: macro expansion is NOT)

  • [x] option

  • [x] pf-rule

  • [x] nat-rule

  • [ ] binat-rule

  • [x] rdr-rule

  • [ ] antispoof-rule

  • [x] altq-rule

  • [x] queue-rule

  • [x] trans-anchors

  • [ ] anchor-rule

  • [ ] anchor-close

  • [x] load-anchor

  • [x] table-rule

  • [x] include


  • I would be very grateful for examples of rules that trip the parser - please file an issue ticket on GitHub.

  • Ideas regarding the AST, the API, or other suggestions are also very welcome.

  • It is always nice with improvements to the pretty-printers! :-)

  • Support for more lines is a goal, you can help by writing PRs or submitting examples of syntax that is not handled by the parser.

  • Before taking on larger rewrites, please get in touch so we can avoid merge conflicts.

compiling the example

First, install the dependencies:

opam pin add -n pf .
opam install --deps-only pf

# build test executable, self-test rules from 'man pf.conf':
jbuilder runtest

This will give you the parse_conf.exe utility that you can use to parse firewall configuration files:

./_build/default/test/parse_conf.exe /home/me/my-pf-file.conf
Reading "/home/me/my-pf-file.conf"
Line 0: ext_bridge = "external"
Read 1 lines!