package picos

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Minimalistic domain API available both on OCaml 5 and on OCaml 4.

ℹ️ On OCaml 4 there is always only a single domain.

val at_exit : (unit -> unit) -> unit

at_exit action registers action to be called when the current domain exits.

On OCaml 5 this calls Domain.at_exit. On OCaml 4 this calls Stdlib.at_exit.

recommended_domain_count () returns 1 on OCaml 4 and calls Domain.recommended_domain_count on OCaml 5.

val is_main_domain : unit -> bool

is_main_domain () returns true on OCaml 4 and calls Domain.is_main_domain on OCaml 5.

module DLS : sig ... end

Domain-local storage for Picos.


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