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Pico scheduler framework


Dune Dependency






  • Core API changes:

    • Added Fiber.set_computation, which represents a semantic change

    • Renamed Fiber.computation to Fiber.get_computation

    • Added Computation.attach_canceler

    • Added Fiber.sleep

    • Added Fiber.create_packed

    • Removed Fiber.try_attach

    • Removed Fiber.detach

    Most of the above changes were motivated by work on and requirements of the added structured concurrency library (@polytypic)

  • Added a basic user level structured concurrent programming library Picos_structured (@polytypic)

  • Added a functorized Picos_lwt providing direct style effects based interface to programming with Lwt (@polytypic)

  • Added missing (@polytypic)


  • Documentation fixes and restructuring (@polytypic)

  • Scheduler friendly waitpid, wait, and system in Picos_stdio.Unix for platforms other than Windows (@polytypic)

  • Added Picos_select.configure to allow, and sometimes require, configuring Picos_select for co-operation with libraries that also deal with signals (@polytypic)

  • Moved Picos_tls into Picos_thread.TLS (@polytypic)

  • Enhanced sleep and sleepf in Picos_stdio.Unix to block in a scheduler friendly manner (@polytypic)


  • First experimental release of Picos.


    • picos — A framework for interoperable effects based concurrency.

    Sample schedulers:

    • picos.fifos — Basic single-threaded effects based Picos compatible scheduler for OCaml 5.

    • picos.threaded — Basic Thread based Picos compatible scheduler for OCaml 4.

    Scheduler agnostic libraries:

    • picos.sync — Basic communication and synchronization primitives for Picos.

    • picos.stdio — Basic IO facilities based on OCaml standard libraries for Picos.

    • — Basic based IO event loop for Picos.

    Auxiliary libraries:

    • picos.domain — Minimalistic domain API available both on OCaml 5 and on OCaml 4.

    • picos.exn_bt — Wrapper for exceptions with backtraces.

    • picos.fd — Externally reference counted file descriptors.

    • picos.htbl — Lock-free hash table.

    • picos.mpsc_queue — Multi-producer, single-consumer queue.

    • picos.rc — External reference counting tables for disposable resources.

    • picos.tls — Thread-local storage.


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