package ppx_csv_conv

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Generate functions to read/write records in csv format


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Generate functions to read/write records in csv format.

ppx_csv_conv generates functions to output some records as a csv file, and read the records back from a list of strings coming from a csv file or a database query.


Annotate the type: [@@deriving fields, csv]

type t = {
  field : ...
} [@@deriving fields, csv]

Csv uses fields so fields is also required. Now the functions listed in Csvfields.Csv.Csvable are included in the module, including conversion to and from string lists, dumping to files, and loading files.

The Csvfields.Csv module provides the Atom functor, which accepts a Stringable module to produce the necessary functions for recursive calls:

module Date = struct
  include Date
  include (Csvfields.Csv.Atom (Date) : Csvfields.Csv.Csvable with type t := t)

type t = {
  a : float;
  b : string;
  c : int;
  e : Date.t;
} [@@deriving fields, csv]

Generate code/functions with types:

include (Csvfields.Csv.Csvable with type  t :=  t)

(Known) limitations:

  • No option, ref, or lazy_t types allowed.

  • No variant types ... nothing other than primitive types and records. You should create your own stringable version of those types and use the Atom functor.

  • The name of the type must be t.


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