package ppxlib

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Module type
Class type
type t

Type for path to AST nodes

val file_path : t -> string

Return the path to the .ml or .mli file for this code path.

val main_module_name : t -> string

Return the module name corresponding to the file to which this code path leads to.

val submodule_path : t -> string list

Return the path within the main module this code path represents as a list of module names.

val value : t -> string option

Return the name of the value to which this code path leads or None if it leads to the toplevel of a module or submodule.

val fully_qualified_path : t -> string

Return the fully qualified path to the module or value this code path leads to, eg "Some_main_module.Some_submodule.some_value". Note that the fully qualified path doesn't descend into expressions which means it will always stop at the first value description or value binding.

val to_string_path : t -> string

Return the string version of this code path as built by Ast_traverse.map_with_path. Used for compatibility with path from version 0.5.0 and lower.


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