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This library provides versioned abstract syntax tree for all Python versions from Python 2.5 to Python 3.11.

Published: 25 Oct 2022


Python versioned abstract syntax trees and interface to the Python parser

This library provides versioned abstract syntax tree for all Python versions from Python 2.5 to Python 3.11.

Related work

The library pyre-ast is another OCaml library for parsing Python files using the Python interpreter itself. However, pyast emphasizes compability between Python versions, enabling OCaml programs to be written with the version of the AST of their choice and still be compatible with the interpreter installed on the system, whatever its version.


The library is not packaged in the official opam repository yet. It can be pinned with the following command.

opam pin add

Otherwise, the command dune build @install && dune install performs the installation (or, equivalently, make install).


All Python versions are represented as a module, from Pyast.V2_5 to Pyast.V3_11_0, which is aliased to Pyast.Latest: it is recommended to use preferably Pyast.Latest, unless there is a reason to target a particular verison of Python. The API documentation can be generated with opam build @doc (or, equivalently, make doc): the documentation will be generated in _build/default/_doc/_html/.

utop can be convenient to discover the API. For instance,

% dune utop
# Py.initialize ();;
# Pyast.Latest.parse "x = 0";;
- : Pyast.V3_11_0.mod_ =
 {Pyast.Latest.Ast.body =
   [{Pyast.Latest.Ast.desc =
       {Pyast.Latest.Ast.targets =
         [{Pyast.Latest.Ast.desc =
             { = "x"; ctx = Pyast.Latest.Ast.Store};
           lineno = 1; col_offset = 0; end_lineno = None;
           end_col_offset = None}];
        value =
         {Pyast.Latest.Ast.desc =
            {Pyast.Latest.Ast.value =
              Some (Pyast.V3_11_0.Num (Pyast.V3_11_0.Int 0));
             kind = None};
          lineno = 1; col_offset = 4; end_lineno = None; end_col_offset = None};
        type_comment = None};
     lineno = 1; col_offset = 0; end_lineno = None; end_col_offset = None}];
  type_ignores = []}

Parsing is delegated to the Python interpreter which is executed through bindings that are provided by All the modules Pyast.V* mentioned above provide the following functions:

  • val parse_ast : Py.Object.t -> Ast.mod_, which builds an OCaml representation from an abstract syntax tree already parsed in Python (typically with ast.parse).

  • val parse : ?⁠filename:string -> ?⁠mode:Pyast__.Pyparse.compile_mode -> string -> Ast.mod_, which parses a string in a given mode, using filename in error messages (filename does not have to point to an existing file and can be an arbitrary string).

  • val parse_file : ?⁠mode:Pyast__.Pyparse.compile_mode -> string -> Ast.mod_, which parses a file given its name.

Note that Pyast.V*.Ast is included in Pyast.V*, and in particular, Pyast.V*.Ast.mod_ and Pyast.V*.mod_ both denote the type of a Python module.

The abstract syntax trees are automatically generated from the ASDL grammar which is used in the CPython implementation. Conversions can be performed between AST versions with the Pyast.V*.To functors: for instance, the module Pyast.V2_5.To (Pyast.V3_11_0) provides a module containing functions for converting all the non-terminal symbols of the grammar, and in particular a function val mod_: Pyast.V2_5.mod_ -> Pyast.V3_11_0.mod_. These functions are automatically called by the functions parse* mentioned above to convert the abstract syntax tree parsed by the version of the Python interpreter available to the targeted version. (The module corresponding to the version of the Python interpreter is available through the function Pyast.get_current_version, and more generally Pyast.get_version returns the first-class module corresponding to a given version at run-time.)

Dependencies (8)

  1. menhir >= "20210419"
  2. stdcompat >= "10"
  3. redirect >= "0.2.0"
  4. cmdliner >= "1.1.0"
  5. refl >= "0.4.0"
  6. pyml >= "20210226"
  7. dune >= "2.8"
  8. ocaml >= "4.03.0"

Dev Dependencies (4)

  1. odoc with-doc & >= "1.5.1"
  2. conf-python-3-dev with-test
  3. alcotest with-test & >= "1.4.0"
  4. pattern with-test & >= "0.3.1"

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