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Declarative events and signals for OCaml


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v1.2.1 2017-03-16 La Forclaz (VS)

  • Allow signals to be created and S.stopped instantaneously (#18) Previously this could lead to failed assertions in updates (e.g. S.bind trying to switch to an uninitialized signal). Thanks to Arthur Wendling for the report.

  • Fix implementation of S.Bool.flip, its initial value on creation could be wrong in dynamic creation (#17). Thanks to Arthur Wendling for the report.

  • Fix bug in S.Option.value with `Always on S.const None (#19). Thanks to Arthur Wendling for the report.

  • Safe-string support.

  • Build depend on topkg.

  • Relicense from BSD3 to ISC

v1.2.0 2014-08-24 Cambridge (UK)

  • Fix bug in dynamic creation of S.{diff,changes} (#8).

  • Fix bug in dynamic creation of S.switch (#7).

  • Add support for toplevel: automatically open React on #require "react".

  • Add S.Bool.{flip,edge,fall,rise}.

v1.1.0 2014-04-27 La Forclaz (VS)

  • Fix S.switch rank's initialisation.

  • Add E.l{1,2,3,4,5,6}, lifting combinators on events.

  • Add E.Option.{some,value}.

  • Add S.{Float,Int}.{zero,one,minus_one}.

  • Add S.Bool.{zero,one}.

  • Add S.Option.{none,some,value}.

  • Add {S,E}.on equivalent to {S,E}.when_.

  • Deprecate {S,E}.when_ (syntax error prone).

v1.0.1 2014-04-21 La Forclaz (VS)

  • Fix S.bind.

  • Use package builder topkg for distribution.

v1.0.0 2014-04-02 La Forclaz (VS)

  • OPAM friendly workflow and drop OASIS support.

  • Add S.bind.

The following changes are incompatible.

  • Add support for update steps, see the React.Step module. Allows to specify simultaneous primitive signal updates and event occurences. The functions returned by {S,E}.create now have an optional ?step argument; if unused the previous semantics is preserved.

  • Add support for strong stops, can be used on platforms where weak arrays are not to prevent leaks. The function {E,S}.stop now have an optional ?strong argument; if unused the previous semantics is preserved.

  • Change signature of S.switch. Any existing call S.switch ~eq s es can be replaced by S.(switch ~eq (hold ~eq:( == ) s es)).

v0.9.4 2012-08-05 Lausanne

  • OASIS 0.3.0 support.

v0.9.3 2012-03-17 La Forclaz (VS)

  • OASIS support.

v0.9.2 2010-04-25 Lausanne

  • Fix a bug in weak heap implementation (thanks to Jake Donham for reporting and a discussion about the fix).

v0.9.1 2010-04-15 Paris

  • Added E.retain and S.retain.

  • A few where replaced by List.rev_map.

  • Fixes to to make it work on vte based terminals.

v0.9.0 2009-01-19 Lausanne

  • First release.


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