package salsa20-core

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The Salsa20 core functions, in OCaml

An OCaml implementation of Salsa20 Core functions, both Salsa20/20 Core and the reduced Salsa20/8 Core and Salsa20/12 Core functions. The hot loop is implemented in C for efficiency reasons.

Salsa 20 Core are functions from 64-byte strings to 64-byte strings.


opam install salsa20-core


utop[0]> #require "salsa20-core";;
utop[1]> 0
|> Char.chr
|> String.make 64
|> Cstruct.of_string
|> Salsa20_core.salsa20_20_core (* or salsa20_12_core / salsa20_8_core *)
|> Cstruct.to_string;;
- : string =

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