package sendmail-lwt

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Implementation of the sendmail command over LWT


Dune Dependency





v0.4.0 2020-27-11 Paris (France)

  • Be resilient when we parse a replies (#27, @dinosaure, review by @mikonieminen)

  • breaking changes Rename sendmail.tls to sendmail.starttls Rename Sendmail_with_tls to Sendmail_with_starttls (#28, @dinosaure, issue #25)

  • Handle dot special character when we transmit the mail (#30, @dinosaure, review by @mikonieminen, @jerben and @Julow, issue #29)

    sendmail already expects a stream which emits line per line the mail but it sanitizes now the dot character according the SMTP protocol. If the user uses mrmime to generate the mail, he should upgrade it to mrmime.0.3.2. Otherwise, it must respect this assumption.

v0.3.0 2020-05-17 Paris (France)

  • Fix opam file (#22, @kit-ty-kate)

  • Better documentation (#23 & #24, @dinosaure)

  • Update to angstrom.0.14.0 (#24, @dinosaure)

v0.2.0 2020-03-14 Paris (France)

  • Fix warnings from OCaml 4.08.1

  • Monadic view about implementation of the state machine

  • Handle let* syntax and add dependency with future_syntax

  • Use at least dune.1.8.0

  • Use emile instead mrmime about email address

  • Support 8BITMIME

  • Add some logs

  • Rename Parser to Decoder

  • Add

  • Externalize some parsers/decoders

  • Add Received encoder/decoder

  • Functorize STARTTLS implementation

  • Close properly a TLS connection

  • Relax SMTP parser about End-Of-Line character (be compatible with gnutls-cli)

  • Add tests

  • Clean the distribution

v0.1.0 2019-07-30 Бар (Црна Гора / Crna Gora)

  • First release


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