package sentry

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Low level functions to access the Sentry API. You probably want the high level functions in

val send_event : dsn:Dsn.t' -> Event.t -> unit

send_event ~dsn message uploads a message to Sentry using the given dsn. Uploading happens in the background but will finish before the program exits.

val send_event_and_wait : dsn:Dsn.t' -> Event.t -> Uuidm.t option Async_kernel.Deferred.t

send_event_and_wait immediately uploads a message to Sentry and waits for the upload to complete. Returns the UUID of the created event or None if an exception occurred.

val send_event_and_wait_exn : dsn:Dsn.t' -> Event.t -> Uuidm.t Async_kernel.Deferred.t

Like send_event_and_wait but throws exceptions if uploading fails.