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SPIR-V Compiler Library


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This library provides a code-generated SPIR-V compiler for use in OCaml projects.

SpirV operations are specified using label variants (the number of spirv operations exceeds the ocaml type tag size, so a normal type variant won't work). SpirV enumerants are represented as OCaml type variants. For the case of flag types, enumerants are represented as a list of flags. Enumerants that normally specify extended operands wrap the extended operands as a tuple of arguments to the OCaml type constructor. Literal integers are represented with the int32 type (for int32 literals, add an l at the end; e.g. 10l). Literal strings are represented with regular OCaml strings.

When specifying literal values to the OpConstant instruction, the values are wrapped with the big_int_or_float type (there is no check against the return type of OpConstant right now). The default op for a OpSpecConstantOp instruction is specified using the type spec_op. The values of spec_op are the valid OpSpecConstantOp instructions, except that the result type and result are removed and the Op prefix is removed (e.g. ```OpSpecConstantOp (type_id, result_id, `IAdd (constant_a, constant_b))``).

Extended instructions are currently implemented through a function abstraction. The extended instruction and it's operands are specified with a function in OpExtInst which has the type signature unit -> int32 list. The idea behind this is that extended instructions can be provided through other OCaml libraries which would return the compiled instruction and operands as a list of SpirV words.

Published: 23 Jul 2018

Dependencies (3)

  1. batteries >= "2.5.0"
  2. ocamlfind build
  3. ocaml

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