package sslconf

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Sslconf buffer.

This implements Openssl's buffer allocation policy in an OCaml runtime.

  • Per-buffer memory allocation is limited to 2**nbits-1.
  • A buffer has a desired length, which is null byte initialized.
  • Buffer memory allocation is 4/3 times desired length.

from Openssl: buffer.h buffer.c

An Sslconf buffer supports an underlying Bytes.t buffer. empty nbits is the constructor. Max allocated size is 2**nbits-1 bytes. A good default nbits value is 31. length bytes are expected, These bytes are initialized to a null value. Dynamic allocated size is (floor((length + 3) / 3) * 4) bytes.

type t

Buffer type.

val empty : int -> t

empty nbits creates an empty buffer.

val data : t -> Bytes.t

data buf returns the underlying Bytes.t buffer.

val extend : t -> int -> (t, string * int * int * int) Rresult.result

extend buf length extends buf to support length bytes. Ok buf or Error (msg length nbits allocation_limit) is returned. New bytes up to Bytes.length ( buf) are initialized to null. An error occurs, and no allocation is done, if length would cause an allocation greater than buffer max allocated size.


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