package tezos-event-logging

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Use All_sinks.register to add a new inactive sink, then All_sinks.activate to make it handle events.

val register : 'a sink_definition -> unit

Register a new sink (e.g. let () = Internal_event.All_sinks.register (module Sink_implementation)) for it to be available (but inactive) in the framework.

Make a registered sink active: the function finds it by URI scheme and calls configure.

val close : ?except:(Uri.t -> bool) -> unit -> unit Tezos_error_monad.Error_monad.tzresult Lwt.t

Call close on all the sinks, except the ones matching the predicate ?except (default: all of them).

val pp_state : Format.formatter -> unit -> unit

Display the state of registered/active sinks.


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