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Tezos: library of auto-documented RPCs (commands)


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Mockup mode

Libraries for mockup mode, i.e., the implementation of tezos-client's --mode mockup flags.


There are 3 libraries in this directory (see dune file):

  • tezos_mockup

  • tezos_mockup_registration

  • tezos_mockup_commands

Tezos mockup

This library defines a mockup implementation of RPCs that are handled locally in mockup mode while they are executed on a node by vanilla clients.

Mockup-specific services (e.g., baking RPCs) are implemented in The mockup RPC layer is itself in

Higher-level mockup interaction is located in, in particular to handle mockup states (creation, modification, etc.).

Tezos mockup registration

This library defines the interface that is expected to be implemented by the protocol. This then allows to register a protocol and support it in mockup mode. See for example src/proto_alpha/lib_client/ handles mockup (dummy) chain ids.

Tezos mockup commands

Mockup commands that are independent from the protocol (one of list mockup protocols) are implemented here. Currently, there is only one such command (list mockup protocols indeed). All other mockup client commands are the same as for vanilla clients, except for the additional --mode mockup switch.

Protocol-specific mockup commands are implemented in the respective src/proto_*/lib_client_commands/ For example, for protocol alpha, this is done in src/proto_alpha/lib_client_commands/ create mockup is an example of such a command.

All mockup commands are used in src/lib_client_base_unix/ More precisely, there is a dedicated mockup context object in src/lib_client_base_unix/, delegating its RPC calls to the local mockup implementation


Tests for mockup mode use both the pytest and the tezt testing frameworks.


For the former kind of tests, run at toplevel:

    (cd tests_python && poetry run pytest tests_alpha/

Replace tests_alpha by tests_008 if needed.


Run at toplevel

dune exec tezt/tests/main.exe -- mockup

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