package tezos-sapling

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Spending keys allow to spend and derive viewing keys. It contains key material and information to derive deterministically more spending keys using the zip-32 standard (equivalent of bip-32 for ZCash). See spec section 3.1 *

include T_encoding
type t
val encoding : t Data_encoding.t
type ovk

Outgoing viewing keys allow to keep track of spendings from a key. This feature is optional, a payer can decide to not keep track of its outgoing transactions. *

val of_bytes : bytes -> t option
val to_bytes : t -> bytes
val of_seed : bytes -> t

Generate a key from a 32 byte uniformly random seed. The source of randomness should be of cryptographic quality. *

val derive_key : t -> int32 -> t

derive_key k n derives the nth key from k *

val child_index : t -> int32

Returns the next available index from a key *

val b58check_encoding : t Tezos_crypto.Base58.encoding

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