package tezos-stdlib

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module E : Stdlib.Set.OrderedType


type t
val create : int -> t

create size create a bounded sequence of at most size elements.

Raise Invalid_argument if size < 0 or size > Sys.max_array_length.

val insert : E.t -> t -> unit

insert e b adds element e to bounded sequence b if:

  • b is not full (i.e, we have not inserted size elements until now); or
  • there is an element e' from b such that e' e < 0.

Worst-case complexity: O(log n) where n is the size of the heap.

val get : t -> E.t list

get b returns the contents of b as a sorted list in increasing order according to

Worst-case complexity: O(n log n) where n is the size of the heap.

val peek : t -> E.t option

peek b returns Some e if b is not empty where e is the smallest element in b according to, None otherwise.

Worst-case complexity: O(1).


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