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OCaml bindings for Linux io_uring


Dune Dependency






New features:

  • Add Uring.timeout (@bikallem #59).

  • Add and Uring.write (@haesbaert #62).
    These are simple wrappers for read(2) and write(2).

  • Add Uring.unlink (@talex5 #65).
    This uses unlinkat(2), and so can also be used to remove directories.

  • Add support for uring probes (@talex5 #70).
    Allows checking whether a feature is supported by the kernel at runtime.

  • Rename peek to get_cqe_nonblocking (@talex5 #67).
    The old name was confusing because it does remove the item from the ring.

  • Update to liburing 2.2 (@talex5 #56).

  • Add Uring.active_ops (@talex5 #68).
    Avoids needing to track the value returned by submit, which is important as it is sometimes called automatically.

  • Add Uring.iov_max constant (@talex5 #76).

  • Add Uring.get_debug_stats (@talex5 #64).
    This should make it easier to check that the uring is behaving as expected.


  • Introduce a Sketch buffer per Uring (@haesbaert #63).
    The main motivation of this change is to avoid having one malloc per packet in readv(2), writev(2) and friends.

  • Use submit_and_wait where appropriate (@haesbaert #69).

  • Add a readv benchmark (@talex5 #64).

  • Avoid unnecessary use of CAMLparam in the C stubs (@haesbaert #61).

Bug fixes:

  • Prevent ring from being used after exit (@talex5 #78).

Build changes:

  • Remove use of notty for formatting benchmark results (@talex5 #71).
    It prevented uring from being tested on OCaml 5.

  • Use MDX for README (@talex5 #57).

  • Convert tests to MDX (@talex5 #58 #73).

  • Use opam-repository syntax for license (@kit-ty-kate #72).

  • Remove internal is_dirty flag (@talex5 #77).


Breaking changes:

  • Don't allocate a fixed buffer by default (@talex5 #53). If you want a fixed buffer, you now need to call set_fixed_buffer.

New features:

  • Add sendmsg and recvmsg (@patricoferris #49).

  • Allow sending and receiving FDs using SCM_RIGHTS (@talex5 #52).

Other changes:

  • Update tests to cmdliner 1.1.0 (@patricoferris #50).


New features:

  • Allow running in polling mode (@talex5 #44).

Other changes:

  • Update to liburing 2.1 (@talex5 #46).

  • Remove bigstringaf dependency (@talex5 #43).

  • Cmdliner is only needed for tests (@talex5 #45).

  • Remove test dependencies on Bos and Rresult (@talex5 #40).

  • Address Fmt.strf deprecation error (@bikallem #38).

  • Update to cstruct 6.0.1 for shiftv (@talex5 #36).


  • Initial release.


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