package vlt

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This module provides the function loading a configuration from a file in "old" format.

The file format is as follows:

  • the format is line-oriented;
  • comments start with the '#' character and end at the end of the line;
  • sections start with a line of the form "a.b.c", "a.b.c" being the name of the section;
  • a section ends when a new section starts;
  • at the beginning of the file, the section named "" is currently opened;
  • section properties are defined by lines of the form "key=value";
  • others lines should be empty (only populated with whitespaces and comments).
val load : string -> Configuration.t

Loads the configuration from the passed file.

Raises Sys_error if an i/o error occurs, and Configuration.Exception if file cannot be parsed.