package data-encoding

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type input

The type of input this module allows to encode.

type layout

The various ways to efficiently encode input.

val layouts : layout list

The list of layouts available to encode input.

val tag_len : int

The number of bits necessary to distinguish between the various layouts.

val tag : layout -> tag

tag layout computes the tag of Data_encoding.union to be used to encode values classified as layout.

Warning: It is expected that tag layout < 2^tag_len - 1.

val partial_encoding : layout -> input encoding

partial_encoding layout returns the encoding to use for values classified as layout.

This encoding can be partial in the sense that it may fail (it will raise an Invalid_argument) for some values of x. However, it is expected that partial_encoding (classify x) x will always succeed.

val classify : input -> layout

classify x returns the layout to be used to encode x.

val json_encoding : input encoding

The encoding to use when targeting a JSON output.


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