package ppxlib

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Various helpers for expansion, such as quoting expressions in their context, or mangling names.


Derive mangled names from type names in a deriver. For instance, the t can be turned into t_of_yojson or yojson_of_t with the functions from this module.

type affix =
  1. | Prefix of string

    Prefix p adds prefix p.

  2. | Suffix of string

    Suffix s adds suffix s.

  3. | PrefixSuffix of string * string

    PrefixSuffix (p, s) adds both prefix p and suffix s.


Specification for name mangling.

val mangle : ?fixpoint:string -> affix -> string -> string

mangle ~fixpoint affix s derives a mangled name from s with the mangling specified by affix. If s is equal to fixpoint ("t" by default), then s is omitted from the mangled name.

val mangle_type_decl : ?fixpoint:string -> affix -> Astlib.Ast_500.Parsetree.type_declaration -> string

mangle_type_decl ~fixpoint affix td does the same as mangle, but for the name of td.

val mangle_lid : ?fixpoint:string -> affix -> Longident.t -> Longident.t

mangle_lid ~fixpoint affix lid does the same as mangle, but for the last component of lid.


module Quoter : sig ... end

Generate expressions in a hygienic way.


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