package async_extra

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module Async_reader = Async_unix.Reader

The Reader and Writer modules from Async, renamed to avoid conflicting with Reader and Writer below.

module Async_writer = Async_unix.Writer
module Reader : sig ... end
module Writer : sig ... end
include module type of struct include Async_rpc_kernel.Rpc.Transport end with module Reader := Async_rpc_kernel.Rpc.Transport.Reader with module Writer := Async_rpc_kernel.Rpc.Transport.Writer

Binary headers containing message lengths. All transports should use this to ensure binary compatibility.

val sexp_of_t : t -> Ppx_sexp_conv_lib.Sexp.t
val close : t -> unit Async_kernel.Deferred.t

Closes both parts of the transport.

val of_reader_writer : max_message_size:int -> Async_reader.t -> Async_writer.t -> t
val of_fd : ?buffer_age_limit:Async_writer.buffer_age_limit -> ?reader_buffer_size:int -> max_message_size:int -> Async_unix.Fd.t -> t

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