Amqp client library, async version

Amqp-client is a AMQP client library written in pure OCaml. The
library implements AMQP protocol version 0.9.1 as well as RabbitMQ-specific
extensions. It supports both Core Async and Lwt threading models.

Amqp-client is tested extensively against RabbitMQ, but should work
with any AMQP server.

The library exposes low level protocol handling though Amqp_spec
and Amqp_framing modules as well as a high level interface
though module Amqp.

The high level interface exposes usage patterns such as

  • create queue

  • consume from a queue

  • post message to a queue

  • create exchange

  • bind a queue to an exchange

  • post message to an exchange

  • RPC client / server

The library requires all resources to be explicitly allocated to avoid
crashes because a service is relying on other services to allocate
AMQP resources (exchanges, queues etc.).

Channels and consumers are tagged with an id, host name, pid etc. to ease tracing on AMQP level.

Documentation for the API.

Build infrastructure

The system is not functorized over an abstraction to the threading
model. Instead the build system chooses which threading model
abstraction to be used and stacially compiles it in. This has the
advantage that files do not need to carry functor boilerplate

The disadvantage is that it does not allow users to supply their own
threading model implementation.


It is recommended to install the package though opam.
You should choose the package matching the concurrency library that your application will use

For Janestreet async: opam install amqp-client-async

For Ocsigen Lwt: opam install amqp-client-lwt

Manual build

To build the library

make build

make install will install both Lwt and Async versions.

Using the library

To compile using Async do:

ocamlfind ocamlopt -thread -package amqp-client-async

To compile using the Lwt version of the library do:

ocamlfind ocamlopt -thread -package amqp-client-lwt

Example (Async)

open Async
open Amqp_client_async

let host = "localhost"

let run () =
  Amqp.Connection.connect ~id:"MyConnection" host >>= fun connection ->
  Amqp.Connection.open_channel ~id:"MyChannel" Amqp.Channel.no_confirm connection >>= fun channel ->
  Amqp.Queue.declare channel "MyQueue" >>= fun queue ->
  Amqp.Queue.publish channel queue (Amqp.Message.make "My Message Payload") >>= function `Ok ->
  Amqp.Channel.close channel >>= fun () ->
  Amqp.Connection.close connection >>= fun () ->
  Shutdown.shutdown 0; return ()

let _ =
  don't_wait_for (run ());
  Scheduler.go ()

Compile with:

$ ocamlfind ocamlopt -thread -package amqp-client-async -linkpkg -o amqp_example

More examples are available here:

11 Jun 2018
>= "v0.10.0"
= "2.0.2"
>= "1.0+beta7"
>= "4.04.0" & < "4.07.0"
Reverse Dependencies