Scan-resistant LRU/2Q cache
Library anycache
Module Anycache . Direct
type 'a t = ( 'a, exn ) Result.result

the type for deferred computation with result of type 'a

type ('a, 'b) result = ( 'a, 'b ) Result.result =
| Ok of 'a
| Error of 'b(*

result type for backward compatibility

val return : 'a -> 'a t

a successfull result

val fail : exn -> 'a t

an error

val (>>?) : 'a t -> ( ( 'a, exn ) result -> 'b t ) -> 'b t

v >>= g chains the computation of v and the function g. When the computation of v finishes g is invoked with its result, or error. This allows to post-process the result or perform error handling.