package async_extra

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module Bus : sig ... end

An Async extension of Core_kernel.Bus. Functions that share the same name and types as those in Core_kernel.Bus are direct calls to same.

module Command : sig ... end

Async.Command is Core.Command with additional Async functions.

module Rpc : sig ... end

This module just re-exports lots of modules from Async_rpc_kernel and adds some Unix-specific wrappers in Connection (for using Reader, Writer, and Tcp). For documentation, see Rpc and Connection_intf in the Async_rpc_kernel library.

module Tcp : sig ... end

Tcp supports connection to inet sockets and unix sockets.

module User_and_group : sig ... end

Wrapper around Core.User_and_group with a deferred for_this_process / for_this_process_exn.

module Versioned_rpc = Async_rpc_kernel.Versioned_rpc

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