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Command Type

A command is a particular rule for reacting to what is said on IRC. Typically, a command takes a Core.t (to be able to answer and perform IRC actions) and an input message, and it decides whether to do something or not based on the message.

The command returns a res, which specifies whether it successfully "caught" the message (no need then for other commands to run), if it didn't react ("skip") so we can try the other commands, or whether it failed when trying to answer.

type res =
  1. | Cmd_match of unit Lwt.t

    command applies, and fired with given action

  2. | Cmd_skip

    the command did not apply

  3. | Cmd_fail of string

    command applies, but failed

type t = {
  1. prio : int;

    Priority. The lower, the more urgent this command is.

  2. match_ : prefix:string -> Core.t -> Core.privmsg -> res;

    How to react to incoming messages

  3. name : string;

    Name of the command

  4. descr : string;

    For !help


A command, bundling some metadata (name + descr, used for "!help"), a priority (used to run some commands before the others), and the answering function itself

val match_prefix1 : prefix:string -> cmd:string -> Core.privmsg -> string option

match_prefix1 ~prefix:"foo" msg

  • if msg="!foo bar", returns Some bar
  • if msg="!something else", returns None
val extract_hl : string -> (string * string) option

extract_hl "foo > bar" returns Some ("foo", "bar"). Returns None if it cannot split on ">" cleanly.

val match_prefix1_full : prefix:string -> cmd:string -> Core.privmsg -> (string * string option) option
  • returns

    Some (msg, hl) if msg matches the regex, and hl is either Some foo if the message ended with "> hl", None otherwise

val make : ?descr:string -> ?prio:int -> name:string -> (prefix:string -> Core.t -> Core.privmsg -> res) -> t

Make a command using the given methods. Only the name and matching rules are requested

exception Fail of string
val make_simple : ?descr:string -> ?prio:int -> cmd:string -> (Core.privmsg -> string -> string option Lwt.t) -> t

make_simple ~cmd f matches messages of the form "!cmd xxx", and call f msg "xxx". The function returns 0 or 1 line to reply to sender. The function can raise Fail to indicate failure

val make_simple_l : ?descr:string -> ?prio:int -> cmd:string -> (Core.privmsg -> string -> string list Lwt.t) -> t

Same as make_simple but replies lines The function can raise Fail to indicate failure

val make_simple_query_l : ?descr:string -> ?prio:int -> cmd:string -> (Core.privmsg -> string -> string list Lwt.t) -> t

Same as make_simple_l but replies lines in query (private) The function can raise Fail to indicate failure

val compare_prio : t -> t -> int

Compare by priority. Used to sort a list of commands by their priority.

val cmd_help : t list -> t

cmd_help l build a command help that print a help message about plugins in l.

val run : prefix:string -> Core.t -> t list -> Core.privmsg -> unit Lwt.t

Execute the commands, in given order, on the message. First command to succeed shortcuts the other ones.


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