package calculon

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Collection of Plugins

type t
val create : ?cmd_help:bool -> Config.t -> plugin list -> (t, string) Result.result Lwt.t

Create a collection of plugins, loading the state, initializing them.

  • parameter cmd_help

    if true, adds a "help" command.

val commands : t -> Command.t list

Corresponding list of commands

val on_msg_l : t -> (Core.t -> Irc_message.t -> unit Lwt.t) list

List of callbacks called on each message

val save : t -> unit Lwt.t

Save state to disk

val reload : t -> (unit, string) Result.result Lwt.t

Reload state from disk

val stop : ?save:bool -> t -> unit Lwt.t

Stop all plugins

  • parameter save

    if true, will call save first (default true)


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