A pure OCaml library to read and write CSV files, LWT version.


The comma-separated values
format — or CSV for short — is a simple tabular format supported by
all major spreadsheets. This library implements pure OCaml functions
to read and write files in this format (including Excel extensions) as
well as some convenience functions to manipulate such data.

Compile & install

The easiest way to install this library is to use OPAM:

opam install csv

for the standard version and

opam install csv-lwt

for the LWT one. If you prefer to compile and install by hand,
make sure you have jbuilder and run

jbuilder build @install
jbuilder install csv
jbuilder install csv-lwt


With OPAM:

opam remove csv
opam remove csv-lwt

Manually (from the source directory):

jbuilder uninstall csv
jbuilder uninstall csv-lwt


The documentation for the Csv (resp. Csv_lwt) module can be
found online
(resp. here) or in
csv.mli (resp. csv_lwt.mli).

Also see the examples.