package csvfields

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All the conversion functions for internal use


module S : Stringable


val is_csv_atom : bool

true if csvable will be represented as a column, and its label is the field name of a containing record.

val rev_csv_header' : string list -> _ -> _ -> string list

A Fields.fold friendly version of a function to collect the csv header of the csvable type. The output is the header in reverse order.

val rev_csv_header_spec' : Spec.t list -> _ -> _ -> Spec.t list
val t_of_row' : _ -> string list -> (unit -> S.t) * string list

t_of_row' _ row generates a Fields.make_creator friendly function that outputs a pair (creator, tail) such that creator () generates the type t with the first elements in row, and tail is the remaining set of elements from row that where not used in the creation of t.

val write_row_of_t' : is_first:bool -> is_last:bool -> writer:(string -> unit) -> _ -> _ -> S.t -> unit

row_of_t' has the same arguments as Helper.write. The ignored arguments are used to make it Fields.fold friendly.


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