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Analysing job logs.

type rule = {
  1. pattern : string;
  2. report : string;
  3. score : int;
val analyse_job : Job.t -> string option

analyse_job j scans the logs for j looking for known patterns. If it finds any, it returns the report string for the best one, and also logs information about all found patterns.

val add_rule : rule -> unit

Add a rule that matches log text against the PCRE rule.pattern. If it matches, the error will be In report, "\1" is replaced by the first match group, etc. If multiple rules match, the one with the highest scrore is used. If two rules with the same score match, the first is used. If a rule already exists with the same pattern, it will be replaced.

val remove_rule : string -> (unit, [> `Rule_not_found ]) Stdlib.result

remove_rule pattern removes a rule previously added by add_rule.

val list_rules : unit -> rule list

Get the current set of rules.


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