package dose3-extra

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Debian architecture strings, as described in Section 5.6.8 of the Dbian policy. Compliant with Debian policy version 3.9.2

val src_matches_arch : string -> string -> bool

check whether a source architecture string matches a host architecture. The source architecture string may contain architecture wildcards ("linux-any", "any-i386"), or be "any" or "all". The host architecure is one that may be obtained by running "dpkg-architecture -qDEB_HOST_ARCH").

val read_tupletable : ?ttfile:string option -> ?ctfile:string option -> unit -> unit

fill the lookup table mapping debian architectures to debian tuples * this function is called by src_matches_arch without supplying anything * for the optional ttfile and ctfile arguments. If they are not None, * then they can point to a file like /usr/share/dpkg/tupletable or * /usr/share/dpkg/cputable respectively.


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